Map Technology for Smart Mobility

ZENRIN is Japanese market leader for mapping and navigation. ZENRIN develops fresh and accurate Japan maps in SD and HD which can be used for a veriety of automotive and IoT cases, including autonomous driving, navigation and routing, ADAS, POI data, visualisation and search. Our data covers 99% of all Japan’s cities, towns and villages. With our expertise and knowledge in map creation, we are able to provide rich content and location based services that can be successfully applied to various industries.



ZENRIN Map & Technology

Over 70 experience of mapping Japan brings ZENRIN in a leading position on Japanese market with the coverage by 99% of all Japan´s cities, towns and villages. Combining advanced technolgies with rich dataset ZENRIN provides highly accurate and frech map data. 

More over ZENRIN provides GIS content which includes administrative boundaries, statistical data (residence, building statistics) commercial area, building point data, etc. 

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This movie shows the vision of the Zenrin Group for the future. The Zenrin Group will create innovative value in a variety of fields through smart mobility and movement support.