Map Solutions

Map solutions are essential for any business that wants to leverage spatial data and insights. The wide range of ZENRIN´s products and location based services is utilized not only for automotive industry or navigation system manufacturer but also in location based marketing , IoT, drone solutions, public sectors, logistics, insurance, construction, real estate, and much more. Combine the various attributes to crate the right map for your business case!

In the automotive industry, map solutions can enable routing and navigation, ADAS contents (road slop, height,  curvature, speed limits, etc), POI search and other location-based services. 

Furthermore, the automotive industry has been experiencing a significant shift towards autonomous driving and connected cars in recent years. The essential component that enables autonomous driving is not only information obtained from cameras and sensors, but also the map that enables foresight. ZENRIN´s High Definition (HD) Map respond to the new challenges of automotive industry and promotes safe and secure driving. Discover more…


Technology progress, which enables utilization of the collected Big Data  and inegtrating them into car navigation systems and smartphones are expanding the opportunities for the use of location information and Mobility Solutions.

Combining the Big Data collected from all kinds of sources with high accuracy map and location information, Zenrin is aming to create new business models that bring a mutual benefit and go beyound current business network. One of those map solutions is the last mile delivey by drones which is a promising solution for e-commerce and logistics sectors. Drones can offer faster and greener delivery options than traditional vehicles.

In the marketing field, map solutions can help target customers, optimize campaigns, and measure performance.

For many years ZENRIN´s very detailed residential maps have been used successfully  as an essential guide for shipping and delivery. Nowdays combined with Zenrin GIS (Geographic Information System) contnet such a statistical data, customer information or POI data it supports customers to target better their audience, increase marketing performance and reach their bussines goals.

our quality Standards

NDS (Navigation Data Standard) is a standardized format for map databses in navigation systems.

It is beeing constantly developped – based on Quality Management requirements from the automotive industry – by the automotive companies and their suppliers.

ZENRIN is part of the NDS consortium since many years and is able to provide map databases on the recent NDS formats.

For further information about NDS, please see