Industrial Solution

To respond to the rapid changes in the surrounding industrial environment, it is necessary to leverage IoT and digital technologies to transform products, services, and business models, as well as improve operational processes. We propose industry-specific and task-specific solutions that utilize geospatial information to achieve improvements and efficiency enhancements in the business processes of each value chain. 

logistic Solution

Delivery Plan Optimization

AI automated dispatch system for creating optimal delivery plans regardless of experience.

Fleet Management

Dynamics fleet management system for visualizing the progress of operations, vehicle positions and travel routes.


Navigation application for improving efficiency of transportation and delivery and reduces the burden on drivers.

Fixed Route Setting

Allowing users to register original routes and voice guidance to achieve reliable delivery.

Insurance Solution

Risk Analysis

Assessing and analyzing the risks associated with a specific geographic area or region by utilizing geospatial data, including location, number of floors, building footprint, surrounding POIs,  population density, etc.