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Over 75 years Experience


ZENRIN Europe GmbH is a subsidiary of ZENRIN Co., Ltd. As part of ZENRIN´s objective of becoming a global map producer, the European operations were started as early as in the year 1997.

The European head office is located in Munich, Germany. In an interview with Invest in Bavaria, the Managing Director Yasushi Uchino explains why the company decided to locate in Munich (see details).

ZENRIN Europe combines ZENRIN´s experience and advanced technical skills with the various country-specific customs of Japan, and offering high quality,  innovative location based services. It results in innovative map content and rich databases for our customers in the in-car navigation market such as SD and HD Map, 3D Map, ADAS features many others attributes which will not only add value to driver convenience, but also increase safety.

ZENRIN works with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for the automobile industry as well as with makers of after-market and portable navigation systems.

Corporate Profile

ZENRIN CO., LTD was founded in 1948 in Beppu, Oita Prefecture of Japan by Masatomi Osako as a publisher of tourist maps, and has a history of over 75 years in the mapping industry.

In addition to maps, ZENRIN possesses a strong market share in map software, in-car navigation software and related IT services. Moreover, ZENRIN has expanded its opportunities overseas with offices in the U.S., Europe, India and Taiwan, further extending the already expansive cartographic database.

ZENRIN will continue to strive to compile cartographic databases that cross borders and pursue further expansion of our products in the relatively new fields of digital maps and IT map distribution services.



Zenrin Europe


Zenrin’s mission is to be a leader in global mapping, providing premium map services and products while serving humanity and the environment for the well being of the earth.


Driving the global mapping profession with premium mapping services and products while furthering the welfare of humanity and the environment.


ZENRIN´s external Information Security Policy to our Customers and Partners.

 ZENRIN´s Group Standards of Behavior are described in the Chater of Corporate Behavior.