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Map contents such as GIS and POI data  are crucial in marketing as it enables targeted advertising, market segmentation, and location intelligence. 
Marketers can leverage GIS and POI data to deliver customized messages and offers to specific locations, improving campaign effectiveness. Additionally, those data helps businesses understand consumer behavior, make better site selection, and personalize marketing efforts, leading to enhanced customer engagement and improved business outcomes.

Combining ZENRIN’s precise map data and POI data with customers original sales and users data, enables efficient sales promotion and advertising planning, advertising effectiveness measurement, sales support, and all other operations that use maps.

Location-Based Marketing

GIS and POI data allows marketers to identify areas with high concentrations of potential customers or specific market segments. This information can be used to plan location-based promotions, such as offering discounts or organizing events in strategic areas, to attract and engage the target audience effectively.

Area Analysis

GIS data provides valuable insights into the market landscape by visualizing market penetration, customer distribution, and competitor locations. This information helps marketers analyze market potential, identify gaps or opportunities, and plan marketing strategies that align with the geographic characteristics of the target market.

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Site Selection and Expansion

When businesses are looking to open new stores, branches, or outlets, GIS and POI data can be instrumental in selecting the optimal locations. By analyzing factors like population density, competition, transportation accessibility, and customer behavior, marketers can make data-driven decisions to maximize the chances of success.

Some of ZENRIN's GIS contents includes:
  • Administrative Boundary Polygon Data

  • Statistical Map Data

  • Building Point Data

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