Japan Map Data -
Standard Definition (SD Map)


Being a market leader ZENRIN provides Japan Map data not only with enriched and fresh content but also with 100% coverage all over Japan. The unique map content includes detailed Microcity Map, Building Arrival Point, various ADAS content and EV Chargin Station attributes.

Japan Map Data

ZENRIN’s SD map of Japan consist of 3 main parts: Road geometry & building footprints for display purposes, road network & pedestrian network for route calculation purposes, and Point-of-Interest (POI) & address data for destination search purposes.

Japan map data

Nationwide road network classified into multiple levels based on road type for route calculation as well as display purposes

Japan SD Map

Structured in units of 47 prefectures, ZENRIN POI contains information for category, address, phone number, business hour, regular holiday, parking availability and much more

Key Features

  • On-foot survey updating the latest changes to each building and tenant information
  • Vehicle survey for collecting navigation specific contents
  • ZENRIN also conduct interview with road administrator and facility owner to obtain the latest information

ZENRIN´s Unique Contents

Japan Map data

ZENRIN Microcity Map

With 100% population coverage, ZENRIN Microcity Map contains detailed building footprints and much more for all Japan.

Building Arrival Point

The point on a road network closest to the entrance for all buildings and households.

*ZENRIN also possess Building Entrance Point dataset, which indicates the actual entrance point for buildings and households.

Building Arrival Point Advantages

ADAS Contents

Various road regulatory information collected using survey vehicles nationwide for cautionary alerts regarding speeding, sharp curves,  speed warnings on downhill slopes, etc.

EV Charging Station

Partnering with local governments, companies, organizations, and conducting original field survey to collect and maintain information on EV charging stations in Japan SD map. In addition to charging type (fast charging and regular charging), we also maintain other attributes. 

ZENRIN´s Field Survey

ZENRIN makes Japan map data unique and unparalleled in the market offering the accurate and detailed attributes in the dataset, enabled by ZENRIN’s original field survey.