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Combining CASE & Map data

 ZENRIN´s rich and fresh map attributes and location information are benefitially utilized in CASE of automotive industry. CASE is an acronym created from C (“Connected”), A (“Autonomous”), S (“Shared & Service”), and E (“Electric”) to describe trends in the next-generation automotive industry and mobility. The automotive industry is shifting from “selling” cars to “providing a variety of services”. ZENRIN provides all kinds of map information for the CASE industy including HD map, SD map, 3D Map, Arrival point, ADAS, visual content, and much more. 


The internet technology enabled the real time interaction with car and environmenta, which allows to gain a wide range of valuable  information, such as road conditions from the installed drive recorder, speed limit or information of the changes on the streets.

By utilizing of those data, ZENRIN is able to provide automotive solutions that support safe and secure driving with our ISA and ADAS attributes. In addition, combining acquired information with our rich attributes we create a fresh and highly accurate map.

automotive solutions
automotive solutions


Autonomous driving requires not only information obtained from cameras and sensors, but also accurate map data that enables foreseeing.

ZENRIN offers high definition map data (HD map) that enables autonomous driving by making the best use of our know-how in map development and maintenance we have been working on for many years. Discover more about our HD Map for automotive solutions.

Shared & Services

In the last few years, the increasing number of elderly and vulnerable people in suburban areas and in under-populated areas has become a major social issue in Japan.

In this context, establishing of a ride-sharing services is considered tobe an efficient solution, which can utilize ZENRIN’s map data.

automotive solutions
automotive solutions


As respond to the increased environmental concerns, the automotive industry worldwide is switching to eco-friendly electric vehicles (EVs).

ZENRIN offers automotive solutions and serivces for EV drivers based on our map data and know-how accumulated  over the years. We are able to provide the best route guidance including EV charging stations and their attributes, such as charging type (quick/normal), connector type, voltage, arrival point, etc. Moreover, our Route Planner System calculates the optimal route also considering the fuel consumption based on  the road elevation and gradient information from our database.

ZENRIN field survey

Our way of data collection for city map and navigation use enable us to obtain detailed information on Door to Door arrival point, EV charging stations, etc. In addition, by using of dedicated measuring vehicles we are able to obtain various data on traffic regulations, road width and local conditions by actual driving.

About 1000 survey staff
With about 70 survey bases reached City Map coverage 100%
Over 50 laps of the earth

ZENRIN´s Mobility Concept - Save, Smart & Autonomous

Zenrin’s high-precision spatial data is one of the key components of dynamic maps. It supports two steps in the automated driving/ADAS system: “recognition” of where the car is and what is on the road surface, and ” decision-making” of where to go and how to navigate.