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Automotive Transformation

The automotive industry is undergoing a major transformation, driven by four key trends: connected, autonomous, shared, and electrified. These trends are reshaping the way people use, own, and power their vehicles, creating new opportunities and challenges for automakers, suppliers, and consumers.

ZENRIN supports Automotive transformation  by providing HD map, SD map  or 3D Map with rich and fresh attributes including arrival point information, ADAS, visual contents, and much more. 


Connected vehicles use wireless technologies to communicate with each other, the infrastructure, and the cloud, enabling enhanced safety, efficiency, and convenience.

With our ISA and ADAS attributes, ZENRIN is able to provide automotive solutions that support safe and secure driving. In addition, combining location information with our rich attributes we create a fresh and highly accurate map.

automotive solutions
automotive solutions


Autonomous vehicles use sensors, cameras, and artificial intelligence to drive themselves, reducing human errors and accidents. However, autonomous driving requires not only information obtained from cameras and sensors, but also accurate map data that enables foreseeing.

ZENRIN offers high definition map data (HD map) that enables autonomous driving by making the best use of our know-how in map development and maintenance we have been working on for many years. Discover more about our HD Map for automotive solutions.


The increasing number of vehicles and reslted congession is a big enviromental issue in urban areas. Shared vehicles offer mobility services to users who do not need or want to own a car, increasing accessibility and reducing congestion.

In this context, establishing of a ride-sharing services is considered to be an efficient solution, which can utilize ZENRIN’s map data. Besides the map with multi modal transportation search allows user easily switch the mean of transport to the most convenient way.

automotive solutions
automotive solutions


As respond to the increased environmental concerns, the automotive industry worldwide is switching to eco-friendly electric vehicles (EVs).

ZENRIN offers automotive solutions and serivces for EV drivers based on our map data and know-how accumulated  over the years. We are able to provide the best route guidance including EV charging stations and their attributes, such as charging type (quick/normal), connector type, voltage, arrival point, etc. Moreover, our EV Route Planner System calculates the optimal route considering the fuel consumption based on  the road elevation and gradient information and EV charging station with additional attributes like connector type, charging speed, occupancy, etc.

ZENRIN field survey

Our way of data collection for city map and navigation use enable us to obtain detailed information on Door to Door arrival point, EV charging stations, etc. In addition, by using of dedicated measuring vehicles we are able to obtain various data on traffic regulations, road width and local conditions by actual driving.

About 1000 survey staff
With about 70 survey bases reached City Map coverage 100%
Over 50 laps of the earth

ZENRIN´s Mobility Concept - Save, Smart & Autonomous

Zenrin’s high-precision spatial data is one of the key components of dynamic maps. It supports two steps in the automated driving/ADAS system: “recognition” of where the car is and what is on the road surface, and ” decision-making” of where to go and how to navigate.