Japan POI data

Inhance your Business with POI data

POI data, or Points of Interest data, refers to information about specific locations or places that are of interest to people. It is an essential component of location-based services and plays a crucial role in helping users discover and navigate the world around them.

ZENRIN provides high quality POI data all over Japan, which includes structured information such as address, phone number, opening hours, parking options, etc. This also enables precise map search and area analysis.

Japan SD Map
Address Search Data ≈ 39M records

The Address data is based on our Residential Map. Addresses are obtained by our on-foot survey, so our data contains address for every building / household in Japan.

Japan POI data
POI Data ≈ 650,000 records

Contains information such as category, address, phone number, open/closed hours, parking availability, etc. The data is recorded/structured in units of 47 prefectures.

POI data Uses Cases

Japan POI data is commonly used in various applications and services, including: