Map Technology for Smart Mobility

Providing Japan map data, ZENRIN specializes in geographic information systems (GIS), mapping, and location-based services, and is the Japanese market leader in the mapping industry. ZENRIN offers a wide range of products and services including digital maps ((SD, HD, 3D) for car navigation systems, mobile mapping applications, GIS solutions, location-based services for smartphones, sky network for drones, and custom mapping solutions for businesses and government organizations.

With our expertise and knowledge in map creation has been applied in various industries, including transportation, urban planning, logistics, real estate, emergency services, and government sectors. 

ZENRIN´s Japan Map Data & Technology

With more than 75 years of experience in the mapping industry, not only is ZENRIN the leading map database provider in Japan, ZENRIN’s database has 100% coverage for all of Japan.

ZENRIN also provides various GIS contents for analysis purposes including marketing, risk analysis, etc.

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This video shows the ZENRIN vision for the future. ZENRIN’s goal is to create innovative value in a variety of fields through Smart Mobility by providing highly accurate Japan map data with rich contents.